Dr. Abdusamad Sidar

Board Member of ACRO

Dr. Abdusamad Sidar is Medical Doctor with a diverse background in health care business management, development and strategic project implementation. He conducts research at a senior executive level and holds a medical degree and MBA from University of Cape Town.

He has over 10 years’ experience at senior management level, in multiple companies throughout South Africa and sits on the board of three companies. As CEO of health care companies, his expertise lies in change management and strategic implementation, to increase market share and profits.

Dr. Abdusamad Sidar completed his Master’s thesis in Biotechnology business development and has co-authored a book on developing the biotech industry in Africa. Having dealt with the state sector in developing and introducing new product solutions he is well acquainted with the national health system.

Medical Affairs

ACRO provides a range of medical services to help clients develop interventions and negotiate the path from conception and discovery through the clinic and to the market.

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